Torre del Mar Presbyterian Church

Situated in the province of Malaga and approx. 30km east of the city, the church has, since its establishment in 1987, sought to provide a venue for worship for the local community.

The congregation has served the English speaking community in the Torre del Mar area under various ministers from the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and elsewhere.

Today in 2020, discipleship remains at the heart of the church fellowship and we welcome all who would wish to worship in an informal way with us any Sunday. It doesn’t matter if you are single, married, divorced, widowed, confused, well heeled or down at heel. You are WELCOME!

We also provide a place of worship for those who can’t sing, are more Christian than their church leaders, or have never been to church this century! We are not fans of organised religion, and will welcome you with open arms if you are down in the dumps, or on a mountain top. You may believe the earth is flat or that you work too hard. You may have questions about the Bible, be still figuring out who Jesus is, or just coming to church because family want you to. You are welcome!

We offer a special welcome to those who could use a prayer right now, have been burnt by religion, or just got lost at the bus station, wanted a coffee, and ended up here by mistake!

In brief, we welcome, pilgrims, tourists, seekers, doubters, and you.

Our time together is informal and relaxed, there is space for questions and discussion and the chance to interact – not just sit and listen, unless that is what you would like to do.

Come and join us for a coffee before and/or afterwards and find out that we are people just like you.

Church in the Community – a little more history and detail

The congregation in Torre has been on a journey since 2014 when we left the confines of a hotel room which had been our usual meeting place for many years, and took the first steps to placing ourselves firmly on the map in Torre del Mar. A shop unit in Calle San Andres become our home for 2015 and allowed us to expand some of our activities and explore possibilities for working with the local community. Yet somehow, while we were more visible, we remained invisible to the local ex-pat and Spanish communities.

In 2016 we made a further move which brought us closer to the community and began to worship in Legends bar on Sunday mornings. The bar remained open and this gave us a natural interface with customers and staff. It also provided a place where others were familiar with and at home and took away the walls that surrounded our worship services and brought us into the open, with the questions, strange looks, and conversations that came with it.

We also left behind the normal structure of the service, and focused on interactive learning over coffee. The emphasis remains on being Jesus centred and each week alongside a talk, there is space for questions and discussion of the practical implications of the text for today – how we live out our life with Jesus.

So, if you come along be prepared for a short time of worship (15/20 minutes); be prepared for an opportunity to ask questions if there is something you don’t understand; be prepared to reflect with those beside you on what is being shared; be prepared for coffee and the chance to get to know those around you; be prepared to be made welcome…to be part of our extended family. You may arrive a stranger, but we desire that when you leave, you will leave as a welcomed friend.

COVID-19 update

We are OPEN! Following the relaxing of the lock-down Legends has reopened and with that, we have been able to meet again at 11.00am on Sunday mornings.

Legends has met the social distancing requirements in their layout, and the use of hand sanitisers is required when entering.

Please come and join us at 11.00 on Sunday mornings as we continue our reflection & discussion of Acts.

The one requirement that has to be met is that you provide notification to the church or Legends prior to arriving. This can be done by contacting Legends (0034 952 54 00 80) or the Church (0034 694 471 005)


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