Torre del Mar Presbyterian Church

Torre Del Mar Presbyterian Church was planted in 1987 as a result of a request by the Spanish Evangelical Church to the Presbyterian Church in Ireland to help cater to the needs of both English and Spanish residents of the area. The congregation sits comfortably within the evangelical tradition and seeks to give a witness to the Reformed faith both by word and deed within the Torre del Mar / Málaga area.

Situated in the Province of Málaga and approx 30 km east of the city, the church has sought to provide a worshipping venue for the local community since being established. Today Mission and discipleship are at the heart of this small group who now meet each Sunday at 11.00am in Legends Bar (Approx. 250m from the Bus Station) on the C/ Don Cipriano Maldonado for a very informal time together, building community and seeking to show to those around us what life connected with Jesus can be like.

Church in the Community – Moving towards the centre

Over the past two years the church in Torre del Mar has journeyed from the confines of a hotel room to a more visible storefront location in town and now, for 2016 we have taken a step further and moved out into the community with an informal time together each Sunday in Legends bar.

Being out in the community in this way means that we have had to adapt. Rather than a traditional style, we now have a more relaxed, open and informal, Jesus-centred time together looking at what the Bible means and asking the questions that come to mind. As others work around us, and we interact with anyone who comes in, as flexibility and being able to adapt are key as we worship and learn together. The format is, therefore, be a bit different as we seek to build a small community with open and welcoming links to those living beside us. If you are around, we’d love you to join us, share with us, and be part of this young and newly defined venture of worship and mission.

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